Friday, 22 November 2013

Proud Of Wearing A Hijab As Muslimah, InsyaAllah :)

zaty nak share 1 penulisan kt google+ 
dis is d best sharing actually
cm kita tau la
memakai tudung itu adalah wajib bgi muslimah
tidak mampu berniqab xpa
since korang tutup aurat seadanya

I don’t understand why people are attacking me on what I chose to wear
I guess all those people want me to do is to show my hair
But it is my choice and they have no right to interfere
But they make it their business to do so whenever I am near
If they could understand that this is my choice and I believe that it is right
To wear my Hijab, to keep out of sight
In that way I am safe from all those people out there
Since I have nothing to show for them to desirably stare
I am satisfied with what I’m doing since it satisfies God as well
And whenever I put the Hijab on I feel safe in God’s secured shell
So stop attacking me 
On whom I chose to be
By wearing my Hijab I am with no doubt free from all the bad
And this is what certainly drives people mad
But I’m not going to take it off just to satisfy and please the people out there
So don’t waste your time insulting me since I won’t even care
I don’t see myself free when exposing myself while walking on the street
But walking fully covered with nothing to see and take advantage of, I feel complete
My Hijab grants me respect for myself and from others too
It is Hijab, something that has changed my life all the way through
This is my Hijab and this is me
This is who I chose to be
By wearing this Hijab I want you to see
That I am for eternity, undoubtedly free ♥

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